Wednesday, March 20, 2013

questions you should ask a yoga teacher

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Do you ask yourself where i will join to yoga course and which place is suitable for practicing yoga.How i can know that the person that will train me is yoga certified teacher .What questions i should ask a yoga teacher to know his experience .Read this article , you will find your answer


Ask a Yoga Teacher
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What yoga training do you have?

Yoga teachers can be certified by certain schools of yoga where the training can vary from one week to a few years.

What yoga experience do you have?

Although a teacher may not be certified, he or she may have many valuable years of teaching experience.

Are you able to accommodate any physical limitations that I have?

If your problems are serious, you should consult your doctor before practicing yoga.

Where to Find a Yoga Class ?


Word of mouth is the most common way to find a yoga class. You can also look in the Yellow Pages, online resources and in natural food stores for business cards or flyers. Your local community center or fitness club may also offer yoga classes.Many courses are offered in sessions, often in the fall, winter and spring. Some locations offer drop-in classes, which are useful if you want to try a class without having to sign up for an entire session.

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