Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what is the Mental and emotional benefits of yoga

Yoga supplies  alot of benefits for men and women , from elder to older.A lot of yoga poses can be modified for persons of  different levels of fitness and flexibility, even for persons with  chronic physical problems.The essential  goal of yoga is to gather the mind, body and spirit as a union. This union can improve your total mental and physical well-being.

Mental and emotional benefits  of yoga

Through the practice of yoga, you may find that you develop a more positive outlook on life. Practicing yoga encourages personal reflection and introspection,helping you to release any anxiety, hostility or depression you may be feeling. The peace and relaxation that yoga offers improves your mood,which in turn improves your overall well-being.

1- Improved Mental Functions

Yoga also serves as an effective tool to help improve your mental functioning. For example, you can enhance your memory and ability to concentrate through the practice of yoga. Many yoga poses can also improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, dexterity and fine motor skills.

2- Improved Self-Confidence

You can build greater self-confidence through the practice of yoga, especially because yoga is noncompetitive.Yoga is an individual practice, which allows you to only focus on your own capabilities without comparing yourself to others. You can also improve your posture through the practice of yoga,which allows you to stand, sit and walk with confidence. Yoga can also make you feel more mentally alert, centered and content.

3- Stress Relief

One of the most recognized benefits of yoga is stress reduction. The practice of yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises are all clinically proven methods of relieving stress. Practicing yoga can help relieve stress by clearing your mind and bringing your attention to the present moment. Relieving stress can have a positive effect on your health, especially
since medical practitioners consider stress to be the cause of many illnesses.

In the next article we will explain physical benefits of yoga.Please help us to share this information on the world .Thank you


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